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Basically, someone crazy; someone who does or says weird things for no reason.
Dan: I don't know, I just never do my homework for no reason.

Mikaela: Tri-pper! *giggle*
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
literally, "child-bearing hips"; describes hips that are extremely wide and will be good for bearing children.
I can't fit through the desks, i have cbh!
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
Interchangeable with crappy; basically means of horrible quality.
That mall has such crap shops.
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
literally, knock-out basoomas; breasts that are so huge you might want to watch it when you are around a girl who has them because they could knock you out.
Careful if she turns around too fast, she's got a serious pair of kob's.
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
"little kid tummy", used only for girls, used to describe a tummy of someone approximately ages 13 and above, when it is still round and a little pudgy
Aw, that's so cute, she still has an lkt!
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
"nice flat midriff"; used only for girls
Dude, I wish I had that girl's body, shes got such an nfm!
by Mallorey April 21, 2005

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