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literally, "child-bearing hips"; describes hips that are extremely wide and will be good for bearing children.
I can't fit through the desks, i have cbh!
by Mallorey April 21, 2005
Central Base for Homosexuals
I can't believe my parents are sending me to CBHS. I'd much rather go to MUS.
by Lloyd the OWL April 17, 2005
Child Bearing Hips

Hips so wide (in a good way) they look perfect for having children.
Mark: Did you notice Vicky today?
Luke: No, she was looking good today?
Mark: YOU MISSED IT! She wore some jeggings and i noticed she has some nice CBH!
Luke: Sounds sexy!
by wakawakadefinitions May 08, 2011
An individual (usually male) who acts creepy, stalkerish or too hands-on with another individual (usually female). A CBH can be easily mistaken for a shark.
Paul was such a CBH last night, he wouldn't leave that girl alone.
by TheRealPJG May 29, 2011
The best private institution in the great city of Memphis. All of the ladies are after guys who enroll here.

Did you see CBHS basketball and fencing beat the hell out of MUS last night?
by Tide Roll April 22, 2005
Abbreviation for the term "Child Bearing Hips". This abbreviation is commonly used by men to describe women in terms that is not easily apparent/ obvious to them. This is a result of men being often sneered at or even slapped by the opposite sex for spurting the full phrase, "Child Bearing Hips".
Guy 1: Man! that is one fine girl, check out her face
Guy 2: careful, CBH alert.
Guy 1: Yikes!..moving on...
by silversong88 June 21, 2011
CBH (also Crazy Bitch Hormone) is a hormone that is secreted in the female's body. that explains the unexplained crazy behaviour of females after PMS.
Symptoms include:

2. Drama, drama, drama!
3. Acting like a baby.
4. Being unreasonable.
5. UGM (ugly mood swings).
6. Temporary insanity.
7. Doesn't have any effect on driving, women are natural born terrible drivers.
8.Temporary stupidity.
9.May turn in some cases into chronic form (continuous apparrent symptoms of the hormone)

Treatment: Unfortunatly there is no treatment available

yet, so ur all gonna die, and we are gonna


N.B: Rarely, the effects of CBH are very mild, almost

hidden, but may re-appear through application of

stress, after marriage, etc...

*Recent studies have shown that symptoms and signs of CBH may appear very early in life, even before puberty.
by monjan2011 January 09, 2011
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