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(noun); A word of any alcohol/spirits drink that gives off a bad reaction to the person who drinks it, 'causing them to get angry, depending on what type of alcohol/spirits drink that they consumed.
person 1: What's up with my brother? He's getting mad all of the sudden?

person 2: Oh, I just simply gave him rum and that was it.

person 1: You gave him rum?!? Oh shit, that's his angry juice man.
by MSoles7 December 27, 2011
Celebricest, (noun):
When 'Celebrities' date each other's ex-partners/siblings/relatives/friends.
Like traditional working-class commoner's incest, but classier.
Steve is making out with his daughter on the red carpet, that's Celebricest right there.
by MSoles7 March 23, 2011
Drunk Luck (Noun):
Earning a winning streak of any bar or parlor games after a few cans/bottles of alcohol and feeling very buzzed.
Gazza : Jeez, Soles is winning 7 billiard games and is still drunk?

Stogey : Yep, Pretty much.

Gazza : Wow, talk about Drunk Luck.
by MSoles7 July 25, 2011
Showing one of your testicles out of your pants to insult someone or showing a woman that you do have balls.
Example 1 : Gazza : What's up with the fella's behind us? They seem pretty pissed.

Soles : I gave them an onion.

Example 2 : Mick showed the onion to Jess and she loved it when a guy shows her that he's all balls.
by MSoles7 January 17, 2011

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