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The most talented 14 year old singer out there.. More mature than Aaron Carter. Which is sad.
Aaron Carter look-a-like?
by Michelle December 19, 2004
After you take a duece in the crapper, someone ELSE comes to wipe your ass.
You've got a nasty case of the 'rice water' shits...."Send in the ass valet...PRONTO"
by Michelle June 25, 2004
A small patch of light between two curtains.
"Look, there's a streep in the window."
by Michelle January 15, 2004
Comfortable clothing, often pajama pants and sweatshirt, worn in the comfort of one's own home.
I'm going to put my comfies on.
by Michelle January 18, 2004
The computer equivalant of a couch potatoe
by Michelle August 05, 2003
'Elitist: Slang commonly used by entry lvl music plebs and posers for a person or group of people who the certain individual envys on a high level and secretly seeks friendship and approval from, however in return recieves nothing but heartache from the unaware object of their obsession.
'pleb1: I saw the elitists at the gig and they just ignored me :(
'pleb2: Why are they so up themselves? :(
'pleb1: I dont know but i wish they'd accept my friend request...
'pleb2: Lets go bitch about them online!


'unaware 'elitist'1: Why are those people over there staring at us...?
'unaware 'elitist'2: I dont know, ive never met them before..
by micHELLe October 16, 2014
A slang word meaning awesome
Michelle is bomdigity
by michelle January 22, 2005

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