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the smartest person there is shes a walking dictonary. shes also a story master
"serah always knows what shes doing"
by michelle November 25, 2003
To anally violate someone with a foreign object, as with a flagpole, broom, etc.
Sherri came flying out of nowhere and before I knew it I had been jastinated.
by Michelle September 10, 2003
of or relating to a church or church matters
"You going to the Jesus Farm tomorrow?"
by Michelle March 21, 2004
A slang word mostly used in the north east of england for the police.
"Watch out! the busy's are comin!"
by Michelle October 24, 2003
Big Tits & a Big ASS
Jennifer is double stacked!
by Michelle April 23, 2005
Gleet is: "a chronic inflammation (as gonorrhea) of a bodily orifice usually accompanied by an abnormal discharge."
Steve's condition of gleet rapidly esculated
by michelle April 15, 2005
Comfortable, slouching possition.
Feeling chilled out and happy with you surroundings.
"knees up on a lrg. arm chair drinking hot choc."
by michelle February 01, 2005

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