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195 definitions by MICHELLE

an uncercumcized erection
Wow! You deffinitely have a hard floppy don't ya?
by michelle June 10, 2004
the smartest person there is shes a walking dictonary. shes also a story master
"serah always knows what shes doing"
by michelle November 25, 2003
To anally violate someone with a foreign object, as with a flagpole, broom, etc.
Sherri came flying out of nowhere and before I knew it I had been jastinated.
by Michelle September 10, 2003
getting ready for somthing
i am finna go to the store and get a candy bar
by michelle July 16, 2004
of or relating to a church or church matters
"You going to the Jesus Farm tomorrow?"
by Michelle March 21, 2004
So Sexy and fine and wat can u say about those lips like DAMN
by Michelle November 01, 2003
A slang word mostly used in the north east of england for the police.
"Watch out! the busy's are comin!"
by Michelle October 24, 2003