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that guy who gives out free candy (so-to-speak)
Boy:What ae you doing after school?
Girl: Im Chasing down the Sugar-daddy cuz im in the mood for sum sweetness (not to be mistaken with sex)
by Michelle February 18, 2003
Somebody who believes that "Dom and Elijah are omgawd one twu wuv!"

They usually are very stupid people who will twist any situation, like Elijah tying his shoe, into proof that Dom and Elijah are in fact gay and together.

Dom = Dominic Monaghan, Elijah= Elijah Wood
See above
by Michelle March 14, 2004
While your girl is on the rag you pour a 7-up in and continue to eat her out. MMMMMMM good!!!!!!!!
My girl friend makes the best shirley temple in her vagina.
by Michelle June 18, 2006
the dirty d... D-town, Durham, NC
a city known for drugs and gangs
don't walk around downtown d-town by yourself... you'll get shot
by Michelle March 29, 2005
The livest hood in da nasty nati a.k.a my hood
E-town is my hood fuck any otha hood.
by Michelle April 20, 2004
Rubbing Nipple Syndrome. My friend has it. =D
OMFG. That kid right there is rubbin his nipple. HE`S GOT RNS !
by MICHELLE April 07, 2005
is told that she is good at giving head and likes it?!
by michelle October 09, 2003
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