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n. (also v.): 1. Deliberately sending mixed messages about ones sex, usually through ones dress (e.g., wearing a skirt and a beard).

It is based upon the belief/idea that either gender does not exist (but only in the context of culture) or that there are multipule genders (beyond male and female), including but not limited to transgender.

It is giving a statement of freedom for all genders in a society where gender confines people. It does not mean that a guy wearing a dress is gay... He is just genderfucking; gender, sex, and sexuality are separate characteristics.

Although usually viewed as a new phenomenon, genderfuck may be as old as humankind. Notable premodern examples include the witches in Macbeth, who would have been played by men with beards in cross-dress.
1: "Why is does that boy have long hair and a skirt?"
2: "He genderfucks." or "He's a genderfucker" or "He's genderfucking."
1: "So, then, he's gay?"
2: "No, He's an ally."


"I dress genderfuck."
"I am genderfuck."
by Michelle April 27, 2003
Gender fuck is the lovely practice of bending stereotypical gender appearances and mannerisms, resulting in a mixture of masculinity and femininity, boy, girl, WHATEVER. Gender fuck, or fucking, is not always connected to homosexuality. Try and be open-minded people!
I like my men in skirts and my women in combat boots.

yaaaaaay gender fuck.
#gender bending #androgony #cross dressing #androgonous #drag
by Gummibarengirl November 05, 2005
the theory that there are more genders than two; there are more genders than displayed on the binary gender system, including neutral. gender is more of a spectrum than a definite thing.
1. he is genderfuck
2. I genderfuck

also see genderqueer
by Kaden November 14, 2003
When a man dresses up as a woman in an attempt to look pretty. yet refuses to shave his beard, Eventually resulting in a gender fuck and leaving an unlooker to this gender fuck in a confused state of mind.
Clint: Hey Stephanie!

Gender-fuck: I told you to call me Tiffany, Bitch!!

by iwannabeanalcoholic April 01, 2005
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