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Someone who has red hair. Possibly in-bred.
"No wonder he wen't postal, he's a bloodnut."
by luke October 04, 2003
emems is so gorgeous and cute and aw, she makes u happy when u look at her :)
emems is a cute pom she looks very purdy today!
by luke July 11, 2004
Splott is a crime invested crap hole where if your not being robbed your robbing someone.
I've been mugged 4 times in the last 3 months at 2 times the mugger had a knife.
by Luke March 02, 2005
To leave earlier than necessary. To go home earlier than required.
Royce had a bad case of rosism yesterday, he left 1 hour early from his friends house.
by Luke January 28, 2004
Do I Look Like I Give A Shit
-I'm Pregnant
-Oh yeah, DILLIGAS.
by Luke March 27, 2003
The act of fucking enormous hidious looking girls either in the butt or in their smelly pink taco stands, thereafter giving them the play action fake.
While listening to his will smith cd, MIKE FORD walked in on his roomate giving the bartoe. He immedialy left the room with a smile on his face and a buldge in his pants. SICK FUCK!!!!!
by luke February 16, 2005

Lspocke- n. 1. a level of social status, between God and Einstein. 2. a distant recluse, envied by the public

a. in the state of being Lspocke
n. 1. (i.e. "Man, I wish I was just like him, he's such an Lspocke") 2. (i.e. "Man, I wish I was just like him, he's such an Lspocke")

a. (i.e. "I can't get enough of this guy, he's always so Lspocke")
by Luke January 09, 2005

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