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193 definitions by Luke

Someone who is able to ingest large quantities of alcohol and still function. (After David Boon, an Australian cricketer who drank 42 cans of beer on a flight to London)
He's done a boonie. He's drunk the bar dry.
by luke October 04, 2003
What the abbreviation "CV" stands for: A record of your previous experiences and qualifications.
Please send in your Curriculum Vitae to this address:
by Luke May 10, 2005
when you bang in a portajon
Luke asked Erin if she wanted to portafuck at the golf course.
by Luke March 25, 2004
The sneeze that tickles but never comes, according to "The Meaning of Liff". So called because at this North London station the rails rattle but the train never comes.
"Ah...! Ah...! Oh it's gone"
"An Amersham?"
by Luke October 10, 2003
<b>The best producer of game music.</b>
"God, Sonic Mayhem's stuff in Quake 3 totally owns".
by Luke April 02, 2003
...was the bomb in Phantoms.
Word, bitch, Phantoms like a mo'fucker!
by Luke February 24, 2005
great. it could have come from an indian background. it mite hav been a name. see cool and wicked.
this is so sumil.
that car is so sumil.
that geek is so NOT sumil
by luke January 05, 2005