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<b>The best producer of game music.</b>
"God, Sonic Mayhem's stuff in Quake 3 totally owns".
by Luke April 02, 2003
A way to illustrate one's complete lask of compassion for another's misfortune
victim: "Man, I spilled beer all over my pants."

Predator: "Wah!"
by Luke October 20, 2004
The sneeze that tickles but never comes, according to "The Meaning of Liff". So called because at this North London station the rails rattle but the train never comes.
"Ah...! Ah...! Oh it's gone"
"An Amersham?"
by Luke October 10, 2003
slap, grab, twist, and pull - how to prevent yourself from being raped by a man
caitlin tried to slap, grab, twist, and pull my genitals, but I punched her in the neck.
by Luke April 21, 2004
(ok, whatever)
mr B: your wearing a blue t-shirt!
me: Y'AND?........
by luke December 08, 2003
Tuskan Punch: (noun) When engaging in sexual activity, a male clubs his partner with his penis, using it as a "Gaffi Stick," and sceams out the Tuskan Raider battle cry from Star Wars.
"I was hitting it doggy style when I pulled out and gave her a Tuskan Punch. AARRR ARR ARR ARR AAAARRRR!!!!!"
by Luke December 06, 2004
Pelvic thrusting motion to the tune of music
"that guys such a strumper"
"that dudes really strumping"
by Luke October 04, 2004

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