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41 definitions by Luka

awesome CD. sold over 8 million copies
by Luka September 28, 2003
A person who hates System of a Down.
Note that this person is most likely an asswipe or has just been violently ass raped. Upon sight of a SOAD hater, you must exterminate this pathetic excuse for a human being immediately.
by Luka May 21, 2004
a good song
LP rules
by Luka October 26, 2003
You'll never see it coming.
You'll never know what hit you.
by Luka October 10, 2004
Kind of like musical chairs but the person who doesn't get the chair has to be violently ass raped by a horny gorilla.
The gorillas are the only winners in musical sex.
by Luka May 22, 2004
KoRn's bassist and one of the best bassists out there right now.
To hear some of his skill, listen to the low rattling he makes in the beginning of Here To Stay.
by Luka April 21, 2004
a very good race in the game Starcraft.
I like Zerg better tho.
by Luka November 09, 2003