41 definitions by Luka

hey brotha, your balls are moldy , remove them rusty staples
yo man quin shlizz and you owe me 69 pennies
by lUka March 05, 2004
a city in Poland.
I went to Dabzig and had some good food yesterday.
by Luka November 24, 2003
What they call Winnie the Pooh in the ghetto.
I'ma pull out my nine and bust a cap in Winnie the Foo's ass!
by Luka June 21, 2004
a black eskimo
by Luka September 09, 2003
Ok I used to hate Slipknot, but when I heard Vermillion, I was absolutely awed by his voice. That doesn't happen often.
Vermillion is probably one of the best and thoughtful songs I have heard since Alone I Break.
by Luka October 14, 2004
a white asian.
by Luka September 09, 2003
what snoop got fo shizzle my nizzle from. Winnie the Pooh started it ALL!
Winnie: I saw some hephalumps and woozles today
Snoop: I think I'll bastardize that and make up something from it. How bout fo shizzle my nizzle? O yeah.
by Luka September 09, 2003

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