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Besides the Final Fantasy Series (which is steadily becoming more butchered), there are no other games worth buying. The rest are on PC or X-box.
Why buy an overrated piece of crap, when you can get an X-box with its built in hard drive, ability to DL/play music and movies and Halo for a much cheaper price? Face it guys, X-box is better.
by Luka October 28, 2004
"Give peace a chance."
An excellent example of bullshit.
by Luka April 22, 2004
When you're running to the bathroom and don't make it on time. Then you get strider all over your legs.
Oh shit. I've got strider on my legs.
by Luka December 17, 2003
Adema is a "nu-metal" band that, although some fucktards think is one of MTV's bands, is very unrecognized. Another thing to face, if you want to get recognized and sell a lot of albumbs you want to get on MTV.
Adema is a fucking awesome band.
by Luka November 15, 2003
No Doubt is a mediocre band in my opinion, but Gwen Stefani is hella hot.
I guess that counts for something.
by Luka May 22, 2004
While they're first single "I Hate Everything About You" was actually good, the rest of the album was boring, sucky and repetitive.
Even though their CD sucked, this band has potential. Hopefully their next CD won't just have one good song.
by Luka May 28, 2004
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