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a good CD but Hybris Theory was better
by Luka September 28, 2003
Wow, SOAD sure is talented.
by Luka April 21, 2004
Only have three good bands: SOAD (System of a Down), KoRn and Disturbed
The rest is bullshit.
by Luka April 20, 2004
It really sucks
That's all that needs to be said.
by Luka December 17, 2003
A band that used to really suck ass and was just for posers. But now with their new album, they've ditched their masks and they've decided to become hardcore. I'm very impressed.
Slipknot used to suck, but their new album is very impressive. They have improved a great deal. I'm actually very impressed with them right now.
by Luka May 20, 2004
Armored Personel Unit
I got into the APU and killed some dirty Yugos.
by Luka November 22, 2003
Besides the Final Fantasy Series (which is steadily becoming more butchered), there are no other games worth buying. The rest are on PC or X-box.
Why buy an overrated piece of crap, when you can get an X-box with its built in hard drive, ability to DL/play music and movies and Halo for a much cheaper price? Face it guys, X-box is better.
by Luka October 28, 2004

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