42 definitions by Loz

An amazing football club, that totally rule!! Damn right!
rock on x
derby rules forever !!!!!! damn right. keep supporting dude.s
by Loz March 27, 2005
meaning a playa,sumbody who plays sumbody n uses dem.
ima galist!not a p.i.m.p ima galist!not a hustler or a g!
by Loz January 17, 2005
the most amazing "race" of youth that exists. (where im from townies call us a "species") they have the best dress sense and like plastic jewelerry over stupid cheap "gold" (*snort* yeah right)
i was kicked on the face by so wardner's platfroms! wooooooowwwww! i am a happy dude/ dudess
by Loz January 10, 2004
a word describing tha way a snief iz acting.ie. sneaky snief
nigga:he sniefly sniefed ma bag,fuckin snief!
by Loz January 15, 2005
anova word fo snief.also comes from tha word freek-a-leek.
nigga:u fuckin snief-a-leek yo!get ur handz outa ma bag!
by Loz January 15, 2005
a nigga hu has acted ina sneaky sniefy manner.ie. a snief
nigga:u sniefy cunt yo!snief!
by Loz January 15, 2005
a term used to describe an easy girl, as she is always on her back.
that girl is a nasty leather back
by loz February 07, 2005
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