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A word to describe someone having a sweaty ass swass
I'm pretty swassy after working outside in the sun all day.
by r4h June 03, 2007
A mix of swag and sassy.

Lizzie hogen is the queen of swassy and ruler of us all
The sacred book of swassy documents the history, names and speshal words of swassy
"Oh look ruva, T, emilia, Maya and Lizzie are so swassy. They are the best people I know."
by theswassygirl March 16, 2015
A mixture of swag and sassy
E.g: ' that person is so swassy!!'
by I am Queen Swassy March 28, 2015
A mixture of both Classy style and Swag style. Used for people that like to dress in a Classy and Swaggy way. Not to formal and dressed up but also not dressed in a fashion of having swag "swagger."
Hey look at what Tim is wearing, he has swassy style.

Dang, you're looking swassy today.

Your swass is on point today.
by yezzus February 18, 2015
Dat classy swag
Uz all dressed up in a suit n u put on sum fly shades homie be like #swassy
by LamChop March 09, 2014
sweaty ass
To obtain the condition of being swassy one typically exercise, sits in a sauna, lays in the sun, or has wild sex all day and night.
by PineappleJuice March 05, 2015
A combination of swank and sassy. Used to describe something cool, hip, trendy.
Your shirt is very swassy.
by Linzzy May 25, 2007
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