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utter crap. when something goes wrong, you curse with it.
poodanna!! my pubes are grey
by loz March 07, 2005
A smart type of cookie.
My, that's some really good Eshlyn!
by Loz June 04, 2003
something that is kinky and delicious such as a sandwiggy which is the brookstar's fave food.
me: oh man that is one kinkylicious sandwiggy u got there! can the brookstar have some?
coop: no its my sandwiggy fuck off
me: but coop the brookstar will bang u!
coop: oh shit no *shits pants then looks down* oh no... not again...
by Loz December 09, 2004
the brookstar is a real hardman who wears hardman clothes and no school bag!
me: yo coop ur gonna get banged out by the brookstar
coop: oh shit *shits pants*
by Loz December 08, 2004
fucking cool
the_dr is the the_dr
by loz February 17, 2004
A dead ghost
A: 'It's a ghost!'
B: 'No, that ghost isn't alive. 'Tis a Spirie'
by Loz August 23, 2003
the rare disease which is passed down only within the dunne family, cheshire, which envolves their bell end being huge red spotty and swollen
roy dunne and jimmy p cus he bummed him
by loz March 15, 2005
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