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Of or relating to a bad ass from back east. Also see; pimp
You're so Conklin dude you don't even know how Conklin you are.
by Dalzdead May 04, 2009
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A large strawberry, who looks like a flaming homosexual and a wild ostrich. He is often found in the wild fighting or slapping someone else usually named Jake. People often say that a Conklin looks like the "I'm a snake" guy from youtube.
Person A: Did you see that wild ostrich on discovery channel last night?
Person B: No dude that was a Conklin

Person B: no... thats just a Conklin.
by thewildlifespecialist October 06, 2011
A mistake made right after a teacher or supervising officer tells you not to make that mistake.
Teacher:Now, while you're spot-welding, do not burn the hoses.
...5 minutes later.
Guy1: Shit dude, you're burning the hose!
Guy2: Shit, i pulled a conklin.
by Sol Surfer December 15, 2007
a del val saying, this word means a usually huge motherfucker, average weight is 300lbs and around a hieght of 6'5. not someone to fuck with.
That's a fucking CONKlin right there dude.
by nassss January 30, 2009
The damn assholes who edit Urban Dictionary!
"Those fucking Conklins rejected my post for nigga-migga again."
"But dude, i love that word..."
"I know man, don't worry though, we'll get them bastards"
by Dwem December 15, 2007
In Canada this word is often used in place of "hoser" esp on the ski slopes.
I have also heard it used like "he really pulled a conklin" meaning he really fucked up.
by george paul September 06, 2006
To totally and irreversibly fuck up a group or team's chance at winning or succeeding.
"Wow, did you see that idiot score on his own goal?"
"Ya, he sure pulled a mean conklin out there."

"Did you see game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, typically conklin!"
by K Lo June 24, 2006

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