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Another way to call some one a cunt.
Sniper stop team killing ya fuckin cocpokit.
by LordPiggyinton March 08, 2005
A person who sleeps all day in college, then gets kicked out of college for never going to class.
So i guess bobcow finally got kick out of college.
by Lordpiggyinton May 03, 2005
A person who single handly has the largest amount of worlthless informaiton in the world. This person also injoys hitting computer programs in the face with back packs at micorosoft conventions.
Bobcow just slapped the shit out of that nerd with his bag.
by LordPiggyinton April 04, 2005
The act of dating someone who is in the range of 12 to 15 years of age, but the person who is dating them while older is not over 18, and can there for have sex with the younger person with out breaking the law of stachatory rape.
Man he be baby shoen that ho.
by LordPiggyinton March 10, 2005
A computer sci teacher at radford, who is a complete tard when it comes to computers. Which is very strange how this person got the job of teaching computers, when a can of tuna is to much for them to handle.
Also see (mistress america)
Man is ever teacher here an itech tard.
by Lordpiggyinton May 03, 2005
1.When one jizz's on a cookie and then proceeds to slam said cookie into some ones face with considerable amount of force.
2.It can also be used as and insult.
Scheff stop being a fag or ill give you a ukie cookie you wont for get.
by LordPiggyinton March 08, 2005
A java teacher who is a very hairy for a female. Now some girls are hairy, but mistress america is on the same level of hairy as big foot or robin williams. The only difference between her and big foot big foot smells better, and knows more about computers. She is a poor teacher, and a hairy fuckin freak.
I cant see the difference between mistress america and big foot, but the smell gives mistress america away.
by Lordpiggyinton May 03, 2005
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