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A "taking the piss" form of crazy. Someone who thinks they are "crazy" or "wild" or whatever, you just put KrAyZeE before their name...
Katie: I'm really wild, you wouldn't understand, you're just too normal!
Lar: Yep, you're KrAyZeE KaTiE alright...
by LordBlunkey July 23, 2004
To mis-pronounce knickers, such as in the play Bouncers...
Jack: And the elastic of her knippers snapped in the night?
Scott&Calum&Andy: KNIPPERS?
by LordBlunkey June 18, 2004
The opposite of terrific. Often used in a sarcastic way.
Lar: I fell in a hole today :(
Cal: That's terrific!
Lar: Ye man, really TWATerrific.
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004
A greeting between non-townies that takes the "piss" out of real townies...
Scott: Ting-bo
Oli: Shut up gay
by LordBlunkey June 13, 2004
The act of "sticking a twogit" is one shrouded in mystery. After all, was it not once said, he who flays the run, enjoys a bath?
There's little 'Lois again, sticking a twogit.
by LordBlunkey June 13, 2004
THe process of wanting to slap someone, but being elsewhere, and so you summon the VIRTUAL SLAP! You simply go *VIRTUAL SLAP COMMENCE* and the other person becomes slapped. However, it can fail if the slappee decides to "reject" the slap
Oli: Hey Scott, you're really orange!
Oli: Ow!
by LordBlunkey June 09, 2004

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