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44 definitions by lordblunkey

when a woman bleeds from her happy hole

takes up a stupid length of a womans life.

glad im not female.
"urgh. whats that? why's your body bleeding? from that hole? that's not fun at all!"
by lordblunkey May 14, 2005
425 237
a comic genius. sick and twisted, but fucking awesome.
burnt face man. dear god thats good funnies.
by lordblunkey March 14, 2005
269 116
stuff thats scary...
the bend of the river by the front of chaz's house. i went for a walk along it, heading towards infinity path and its there, and it scared me shitless.
by lordblunkey September 29, 2004
82 36
Freakishly large bananas, that wear pajamas. Frankly, they scare the BEJEBEDEEZUS outta me!
HOLY SHIT, THE bananas in pajamas ARE COMING!
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004
59 26
like a retard.

but with extra spasticness.
well, anyone could be a spacktard. but in this case, it's you.
by lordblunkey May 13, 2005
37 11
An insult i use that doesn't actually mean anything major. Everyone can be a bitch whore.
Lar: Bitch whore
Kim: I'm insulted
Lar: So? You're a stupid bitch whore...
by LordBlunkey June 21, 2004
62 37
stuff that is scary...
Cows. Do they want to be any bigger? And they just sit there, being big, and eating grass. What are they thinking?
by LordBlunkey June 21, 2004
56 35