44 definitions by LordBLunkey

Lord of the Blunkeys.

Thinks he's better than he really is
Blunkey, Blunkey, Blunkey, Oh wow! A lesser-spotted LordBlunkey!
by LordBLunkey June 18, 2004
A booth where one can climb pumpykin to the mondement of all cheekythree
Oli is trapped in the pumpykin booth and foced to climb for evermore!
by LordBlunkey June 13, 2004
An derogatory term, can be used in any situation. Generally doesn't carry much offence, but can be used specifically if one was to "shite themselves"
Oli: Hey Lar
Lar: Hey captain smelly pants...
by LordBlunkey July 14, 2004
Who goes there stated young Jimmypotomus, the half breed from when Captain Jacko slept with Mary, the local hippopotomus prostitute. That was a romantic evening!
Aluminium is widely used because of its low density, good conductivity and corrosion resistance
by LordBlunkey June 13, 2004
Well, the moron who tired to define OMG by saying (and i quote):

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! XD

omg rofl lmaohfod!
jgowhrygqh0awhg says i!

used it, but when i looked it up, it had no definition, so i took the opportunity to make a mockery of him.
Well, i spose it would stand for Laugh My Ass Off Hot Food On Dennis or something along those lines...
by LordBlunkey July 22, 2004
A term which i find fits Kim quite well. Though it is a generalisation, which im opposed to, i think it is, by and large, true.

(If anyone does care, and wishes to argue their case, i'd like to hear from you. I like funny e-mails...)
Kim: Blah blah blah, i have problems with everyone. I'm always in an argument. PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
Lar: No-one care
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004
TDW stands for Total Dick Wank
Well, should you spot someone acting like a Total Dick Wank, but you REALLY can't be arsed with saying the whole thing, you could slyly say TDW...
by LordBlunkey July 24, 2004
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