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420, indeed, was thought of years ago as the time of day some people got together to smoke pot. Now it is used as code for "Let's go get high." Also, some people consider it to be April 20th that is "National Pot Smoking Day."
I prefer all of the above.
Dude, 420, let's go.
by Lonnie September 29, 2004
To mellow out, to take things slowly, to water down so to speak, to make things less hyped out
The CD was mellowed out
"Dude, this CD has mellowed out considerably..."
by Lonnie March 12, 2005
A less explicit version of "the shit", but with the xact same meaning.
Aww man! That car is THE POOP!
by Lonnie January 21, 2004
A guy from Ohio that loves nine inch nails and movies, sometimes he has hair, sometimes he doesn't.
riven1128 is very cool!
by lonnie October 06, 2004
licorice whips that are fruity and super.
I ate a super fruity whiffle whip the other day at 4:20 with the incognito chimpanzees sitting at the o.k. computer while yelling oh yeah
by lonnie November 09, 2003
a common mispelling of snoogens
oops, I said snoogums instead of snoogens. Maybe that's why we can't find a definition anywhere. Let's get stupid drunk.
by lonnie November 09, 2003
To pull a lonnie, whine constantly or complain and eat
Look that kid is pulling a lonnie
by lonnie March 23, 2005

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