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A person who commits a stupid act or one who's stupidity backfires.
"You burnt the toast AGAIN !? thats three times now, you pillock".
by London El Vis September 26, 2005
Origionally an architectural style based on the philosophical position that progression in the arts need not necessarily be a linear process. Post Modernism is the acknowledgment that nothing is, or will remain truly modern. One statement made in the name of Postmodernism is that History has ended in a cul-de-sac. Proponents of Post Modernism try to provide an interesting mixture of disparate styles and artistic references borrowed from the past. It is difficult for theorists to end the era of postmodernism since postmodernism seeks to be the destroyer of theoretical positions and therefore its own demise is merely a Post Modern concept. Now covers all areas of the art world. For more info, see some art books
"Oh this room is so Post Modern - how did you achieve all this"?

"we had loads of money and paid a designer"!
by London El Vis September 29, 2005
Had a shit. Sometimes it can be stated as "dropped his bat".
Especially funny when cricket commentators observe certain things.
"Don't go in there for ten minutes I've just dropped the bat"

"O jeeeeez have you dropped your bat"

In cricket commentry...
"Montgommery to bowl to Jefferies now and ... oh .. jefferies has dropped his bat in front of the stumps, and its put the wicket keeper off his concentration"
by London El Vis September 26, 2005
One who lights another person's fart.
Ok fellas - this is gonna be a showstopper !
Touch man, are you ready ?
by London El Vis September 28, 2005
A limp cock due to excessive drinking.
Similar to "brewers droop"
Oh no man, how's she gonna blow that?
I've picked up the brewers bugle.

Yeah mann, I fuckin left the pub with the brewers bugle.
by London El Vis September 28, 2005
A masturbator. One who bashes the bishop. A wanker.
"No wonder it don't work, spunk monk, you havent switched it on" !!
by London El Vis September 26, 2005
Trousers that have been accidentally soiled by their owner.

Pants that have been shit into - (for the unsubtle veiwer).
"There's a terrible smell like something died here, dude.
Are you wearing Nutty Duds ?"
"I swear the stink was so bad he must have had Nutty Duds"
by London El Vis September 26, 2005
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