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Psychology defines abnormal typically in the realms of abnormal behavior. There are three main criteria that are used in defining what is abnormal.

They are:
1. The behvaior poses a risk to either themself/others.
2. The person exhibiting the behavior is distressed by it.
3. It is statisically deviant.

Also, to a lesser extent, societal norms come into play in defining what is abnormal, but the risk of using this as a criterion increases the risk of stigmatizing.
Beating a pan over your head and talking to invisible blue dinosaurs while shitting your pants is abnormal.
by Lon May 26, 2005
What President George W. Bush has when he thinks about bombing another country in the middle east.
President Bush had a wargasm when he thought about bombing Iran to find oi...er, eliminate weapons of mass destruction.
by Lon June 26, 2005
HTML is a programming language that is used to create and display webpages on web browsers.

You can think of HTML as a webpage's DNA.
I used HTML to code my site.
#html #xml #hypertext markup language #webpage #dna
by Lon July 10, 2006
A humorous film with Pauly Shore.
Shave poochy poochy.
by Lon August 14, 2005
Slang for a soda's "fizz".
"Shit, this Coke's out of gas! How long has the can been open?"
by Lon October 13, 2003
A math game given to elementary school students to help them learn their multiplication tables.

The premise of the game, is that you are given three rows of ten basic multiplicaton problems, in which you are supposed to answer as many as you can in sixty seconds. If you manage to finish them all, you move on to 4, 5, and 6 rows.
I was the Mad Minute champion in grade school.
by Lon August 12, 2005
The nemesis of Marty in the Back To the Future film series. Marty manages to encounter several different relatives of the Tanner family throughout the three BTF movies.
Biff - "How about you make like a tree, and get out of here!"
by Lon September 01, 2005
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