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A combination between the phrase "jacking off" and the word "masturbate." Only used when you're extremely horny.
Holy shit, watching that porno made me so damn horny. I'm going to go home and jackoffsturbate.
by Lon July 23, 2005
Refers to the ability to "critically reason," however, this system is flawed just like any logic-based system is.
Common sense, crtical reasoning, and logic are only as good as the premises for which you base them.
by Lon May 17, 2005
A way of describing something as being overwhelmingly good, or having a superior quality that sets it apart from the rest. The idea is that the quality "hits you like a hammer."
Dude, that pizza we had last night was The Hammer.
by Lon March 11, 2008
Something a jackass says
He was all, "hoobasnake"
by Lon April 08, 2004
Rap music represents the lowest form of intelligent sound composition. Rap music is known primarily for it's insignificant and objective lyrics, which often objectify women and portray the various rap artist in a a grandeous light. Somehow, someway, the rap industry still manages to trick millions of people a year to give up billions of their dollars.
"What are we listening to?"


"Dude, this fucking sucks."
by Lon May 13, 2005
Also known as the "Jay". Although often small and compact, Ilanna's tend to be strong and frisky. Spotted by a large ball of peach fuzz and blonde whisps, Ilannas attract much attention from others, espeically males with red or auburn hair.
"The Ilanna attacked the wallabeast because he was of brown hair and intruding her nest"
by Lon January 25, 2005
Leadership refers to the quality that a person or collection of people hold in which they command respect and are highly influential. However, leadership has shown to be highly overrated, in accordance with the numerous scandals and failures among leaders themselves. Leadership is frequently questionable and should be critically evaluated. Some psychologist groups argue that the "born leader" also has a lot in common with people who suffer from narcissistic personality tendencies.
"Hey, let's go to this leadershp conference."

"Okay. Does that mean we get to become the rich one-percent who controls the world and everyone in it?"


by Lon May 05, 2005

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