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A .177 caliber gun, or ammo.
by Lon October 16, 2003
The name that several have given to Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars series, due to the parallels of his character and Jesus Christ.

1. Both were "immaculately" concevied. Jesus by the Holy Spirit, and Anakin by the Midichlorians.

2. Both were prophesized to be the savior of their people. Jesus for mankind's sins, and Anakin to destroy the sith and bring balance to the force.
Anakin's fall to the darkside would be like saying Jesus Christ refuted God, and sided with Satan and the demons of hell.
by Lon August 18, 2005
Weblish is a form of english that is used as a slang for online conversations. See also, internet jargon.
OMG ur such a jerk! WTF is ur problem?
by Lon July 15, 2005
Tortilla soup comes in many different forms, however, the most popular form is made like such:

A rich, nacho cheese and chicken broth base combined with chicken and salsa, mexican chili powder and jalapenos, all cooked together. Then, add fried strips of corn tortilla on top to make a crunchy, melty, delicious mexican soup.
Oh my god, this tortilla soup is amazing, Lonny.
by Lon May 16, 2005
What occurs when it's so cold outside that your penis shrivels down to the size of a tator tot.
Dude, it's freezing outside. I was so tator tottin' it.
by Lon March 08, 2006
A toy, typically made of rubber or plastic that has a small in one part and is filled with air. When squeezed, it lets out a mildly humorous high pitched "squeak" that gets old really fast. Dogs love them.
"Oh my god take that damn squeaky toy away from the dog. It's driving me insane."
by Lon May 05, 2005
A way of describing something as being overwhelmingly good, or having a superior quality that sets it apart from the rest. The idea is that the quality "hits you like a hammer."
Dude, that pizza we had last night was The Hammer.
by Lon March 11, 2008

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