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51 definitions by Lon

The laughingstock of the NFL.
Doctor: "You know what'll cheer you up?"

Sick Patient: "What's that?"


Sick Patient: "Hahahahahahhaha!!11"
by Lon August 06, 2006
The boxer is a breed of dog that is categorized by the AKC as a working class dog. They are bread from German descent, from the previous dog breed known as "bullenbeizer." The boxer is known for it's keen senses, friendly, loyal, and loving disposition. In terms of intelligence, the boxer is in the 60% range of distribution, making them slightly smarter than the average dog. They are fantastic dogs for children, because they are very patient. They drool a lot, too.
I have two boxers. One is named Bruno, the other is named Tilly.
by Lon May 12, 2005
An aliza is something very clean, polite, and well kept. Distancing herslef from anything dirty or anal, Alizas tend to remain superior. They also obtain the tastest bags of food that are frequently stolen by inferior surrounding beasts.
"Clean up the hallway and put the stolen booty back, the Aliza is coming!"
by Lon January 25, 2005
Intellect refers to a human's ability to function outside of instinct. Examples include art, music, emotion, and worship.
Intellect should not be confused with intelligence.
by Lon March 16, 2006
One of the three factions to choose from in the game Command and Conquer: Generals. They possess some of the strongest and lightest infantry and tank units, and can upgrade easily.
by Lon July 26, 2005
The magical fairy who comes in the middle of the night and leaves single black pubic hairs on the outer rims of toilet seats and urinals.
Dude, the urinal in the bathroom of the movie theater was totally visited by the pube fairy.
by Lon August 23, 2007
Jeff K is hosted through Something Awful's website. (www.somethingawful.com) He is a teenage boy with the worst spelling and grammar skills known to man. He claims to be a 1337 haX0r, and likes to review movies and games. One of the best reasons to visit SA.
"All modams connected too each othar so to yuo could palay DuKE NUKAM 3D AND GET TEH SHRINK RAY MICORWAVE GUN!!! I shrank teh Pig Cop into a tiny hog and stepped on him and SAW A STRIPPAR!!!"
by Lon May 06, 2005