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A group of people who are Christians but place great importance in the Book of Mormon, for which there is little evidence for.

The Book of Mormon claims that there was vast civilizations all along the east coast of America.

Too bad we haven't even found a pot to support that claim.
I can find the verse in the Bible that proves the Book of Mormon wrong.
by Lon May 13, 2005
An uncircumcizzed penis.
My God, he has an elephant!
by Lon May 25, 2003
Some shitty horror movie made in the 80's
This movie fucking sucks.
by Lon May 13, 2005
An extremley rich person, usually seen wearing fur coats and high class suits. They almost always live in huge ass mansions, and drive high-class foreign cars. While some can be complete assholes, others actually share their wealth.
Look at that rich bitch over there in that Mercedes! Damn!
by Lon October 13, 2003
Someone who is extremely spoiled and bratty. A chana often throws temper tantrums and does absoloutely anything in order to get what she desires. A chana can be spotted by her thinness, tan skin, and pot belly.
"The chana screamed so loud the king offered her his entire kingdom for her to seize her tantrum"
by Lon January 25, 2005
One of the greatest food creations of all time. Buffalo Wings are chicken wings that are breaded, and then coated in "Buffalo Sauce" which is almost always liquified red pepper, but some restaurants add other ingredients.

There is great debate amongs b-wing lovers about who has the best wings. It is generally agreed upon that Hooters has the best wings in the world, while Buffalo Wild Wings comes in a close second.

Plus, they go great with beer.
Buffalo Wings are a must for any sports party.
by Lon July 18, 2005
A female pop artist who's pussy has been invaded more times than Poland.
Britney Spears is blown out.
by Lon May 30, 2005

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