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4 definitions by Ljuk

A person with a massive face lift surgery.
Her tits maybe melons, but above she's a skeletor.
by Ljuk September 13, 2007
To switch fast from one position to another on a map in an MMO, by clicking on the desired position.
Since I dont have to run senseless thru the woods all the day, cause they added the fast travelling mode, I am totally down with "The Settlers".
by Ljuk November 04, 2007
A situation when in something sticks something else in which something else sticks...
Not only for real things also for knotty problems
Yesterday we got a a Russian puppet situation with a packet which was sent to Rose, but inside was a also a letter for Dan and in Dans letter was also a page for Harry
by Ljuk December 29, 2007
When someone is faced to a very big problem, due to his WoW guild, maybe when it splits.
Cory is in bad condition, she has her first guild drama.
by ljuk September 25, 2007