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ICP is one of the greatest bands in the world. Most people think that Violent J and Shaggy are satanists, racists, homophobic, ect. But ICP has nothing to do with that. They are not satanists even though they might act like they are. They believe in god and want to go to Shangri La or Heaven. They are not racist or homophobic. They rap about all of the juggalos and runnin with lunatics. I am a juggalette and i listen to ICP, Twiztid, ABK, ect. But i also listen to Usher, 50 Cent, Chingy, ect. So you dont only hae to listen to ICP to be a juggalo either.
ICP is the shit! Im down with the clown and im down 4 life yo!
by Lisa May 17, 2005
is spanish reggae
by lisa November 02, 2003
a name to call your bro (or buddy).
Yo ShOT CAllA!

HoLLa ShoT CAllA!!!!!!!!
by LISA January 02, 2003
A mall goth also known as Mary B.
Look at that Buffy she is such a poser.
by Lisa November 06, 2004
A group of people who rapes a single person at once.
The girl was raped in a gang banging situation, four men on her.
by Lisa June 08, 2004
other word for clit
suck my nookie... but don't use ya teeth, okay?

hey babe, will you do me favor? No? ...so will you do it for my nookie? oh, thanks!
by Lisa June 15, 2003
CURTIS, The sweetest and cutest person ever!
Curtis is my schnookums
by Lisa November 28, 2003
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