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a young, lithe and graceful human being with unfathomable eyes. she hides her soul within her and rarely lets anyone else see it. a laila takes a long time to let somebody into her life and past her defences, but once she places her trust in them completely, she finds it near impossible to let go.
now those are the eyes of a laila; i cannot see past them.
by laila1029384756 January 08, 2009
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laila is a girl who is confused about the world. she finds it hard to give up on things and needs to be around a loving atmosphere to actually feel loved. she has a rare beauty that people would think is untouchable. she can be crazy and weird sometimes but only so she can hide her true emotions. she's been through a lot, but no one knows. she is the girl you want to know. she is the girl with the looks and the brains but only if she knew.
Person 1: There goes Laila

Person 2: I wish we knew more about her, like a Laila.
by the person who knows September 26, 2009
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An extremely beautiful girl, usually with dark hair and stunning big eyes. She is liked by everyone and is popular. She is very smart, athletic, confident, caring, and great at everything she tries. She is amazing. She has many friends, and she is the best friend anyone could have. She would do anything for her friends. She is a loving nice person who knows how to have fun. She is daring. She is perfection. She has crazy dance moves, and is always smiling and knows how to make people laugh, and laughs a lot too. She is a great person to be around, and likes being in a loving atmosphere. She is also very very sexy. She really has a rare beauty. She has also been through a lot, but no one knows. She is the girl you want to know and be. She is the girl with the looks and the brains but only if she knew.

A popular Eric Clapton song about a secret love, and how she has many guys that are crazy about her.
Wow that girl is perfect, she must be a laila!
by newyorkbabe124 June 22, 2011
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A very hyper active girl who loves messing around and loves to laugh. She is hilarious and can make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt. She can always put a smile on your face. Her smile is contagious and you can't help but smile back. She has a big appetite and is very overprotective of her food. She is so crazy than anyone who doesn't know her might think she is a mental hospital runaway. She never cares about what others think of her. However she isn't exactly patient and can be rude...most of the times. Only if you piss her off. She will always stand up for someone who are being wronged. Mess with her friends and you will get a slap. And she will always smack you back to reality when you really need it.
"Here comes Laila. She is just so carefree you can't help but admire her."
by shikshakshok May 07, 2015
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dark as night, or mysterious.
Laaaaila, you got me on my knees LAILA. I'm beggin darlin please, Laila. Darlin, won't you ease my worried mind.
by Laila October 11, 2004
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A gorgess girl who is smart and athletic.She is really nice and carring and always picks others over herself. She also finds it hard to let go of things and when she loves someone she means it. She will go all out for the person she deeply loves. Laila has a very loving atmosphere and many people enjoy her in there lifes because she is all smiles and can light up a room. She is the best friend or lover anyone could have and she is very hard to get over, No matter what you do you will always have true feelings for her she just knows how to touch a heart forever. Laila's are the girl every girl dreams of being and every guy dreams of having. She is perfection
Matt- I can't get her off my mind no matter how hard I try.
Steve- Well she is a Laila
by Pizaapie July 24, 2012
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A young,delightful human,who has much love to share and is very particular when it comes to letting people into her life.
LAILA is very difficult,but she is mine.
by nightstands August 18, 2015
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