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tight, cool ,attitude,
you dont wanna get kronk with me(attitude),this club is getting krunk (cool,tight,
by Brian May 02, 2003
46 27
A creepy weirdo freak...
OMG see that guy staring at us...what a kronk!
by lolol1990 May 05, 2010
21 7
Gettin high off some shit
Me and some of my home boys went and got kronked
by Moesha June 08, 2003
24 21
a very hard erection that doesnt go away for at least 7 hours.

nb: if the erection doesnt go away after 10 hours you should seek medical advise.
last night i had such a kronk over your mum
by LSMISSMJ June 07, 2010
4 9
Dancing off a drunken stupor.
You're in your local pub, you're ratfaced, and now you're gonna go "kronk" at the nearest chick-infested club.
by Tenacious Dee September 13, 2006
10 15
boxing gym based in Michigan-Detroit area. run by Emmanuel Steward.
Laila Ali has trained at Kronk Gym.
by lisa March 30, 2004
14 19
a very ugly person slightly resembling shreck or any ogre type being. a smelly beast, usually foreign
"haha look at that guy with the squished nose, what an absolute kronk!"
by h.c.l May 22, 2008
7 18