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One who gets completely submerged in the complex and trippy world of Lost on ABC Wednesday Nights. Occasionally with the accompaniment of marijuana - thus adding to the happy confusion that is the mind-blowing world of Lost.
Always a Lostifarian, Caroline's room was as hazy as her mind after watching Lost on her DVR.
by LilyCornucopia February 25, 2009
whoring yourself just to make money to pay your cable bill, for the sweet satisfaction of watching Lost on Wednesday nights
Heather, you're such a Lostitute! Get a job and stop whoring yourself on Austin Hwy on Tuesday nights just so you can watch Lost on Wednesday.
by LilyCornucopia February 25, 2009
when a promo / teaser / preview for a television show fails to deliver on the promises of romance, death, infidelity or other dramatic reveals.
What the hell, Chuck and Blair totally didn't hook up on Gossip Girl last night like the CW's cockteaser promised.

That so wasn't the most dramatic Bachelor episode ever. ABC was airing some major cockteasers.
by LilyCornucopia March 17, 2009
modern update of the antiquated 'nothing to write home about'
Megan 'Hey, how was last night?'
Caroline 'Meh. Nothing to tweet about'
by LilyCornucopia October 01, 2010
when facebook blows your mind.
Caroline: holy shit, catherine and william are engaged!?! wtf?!
Kay Kay: WHHHHHHHAT?! who knew they were even dating!?
Caroline: I know, I'm totally faceblown.
by LilyCornucopia May 29, 2009
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