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an imaginary medical problem that is supposed to account for someone talking too much
Man, that guy has a serious case of diarrhea of the mouth. God he is annoying.
by Light Joker January 14, 2005
(variants: oil may replace gas)
working very efficiently(an elaboration of cooking)
Once I am donerading the book I have chosen to write about, I will be cooking with gas.
by Light Joker October 13, 2004
1. someone's hand

2. to touch or feel someone in a sexual way without their consent

3. to touch someone too much, sexual or not
His big paw could have crushed hers easily.
by Light Joker December 25, 2006
a liquor bottle, especially an empty one(see also dead soldier)
It is not good for the enviornment to leave soldiers on the ground when you could be recycling them.
by Light Joker January 04, 2005
any food product that was invented in the U.S.
Ice cream is an American food.
by Light Joker October 27, 2004
goodbye, see you (later)
Thanks for the advice. CU
by Light Joker October 31, 2006
A place in Northern Ireland(a territory of the U.K.)Where may dad got a job.
Dad sent me a T-shirt that says Belfast,Northern Ireland.
by Light Joker June 13, 2004

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