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A trail of jizz left across the scene of an amorous encounter.
When I got into the shower, I found my flatmate's pecker tracks all over the curtain.
by OrangUtanUK June 18, 2003
dried cum stains left after a sexual experience
after joann gave me a great blow job i noticed pecker tracks on the seat covers
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
the trail of semen left on a sheet or matress after intercourse
Spoon loves to lick his own pecker tracks after sex
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
a conjunction of the words pecker and tracks, means the same as pecker tracks,peckertrails- , trace of sperm left somewhere
the ignorant buffoon threw his wife over the dinner table and shagged her wildly and wiped his peckertracks on the curtains
by yoki karioake July 10, 2009
Children, or evidence of children such as toys, children's clothing, etc., obviously resulting from someone's use of his pecker.
'When I sold encyclopedias door-to-door back in the day, I would always look for pecker tracks on the lawn to know which houses to hit.'
by anarcissie June 02, 2013
An instant messenger log of a cyber-sex episode that is sent back to the other participant.
"I don't use that MSN account anymore. I get too many pecker tracks."
by DocLightning December 22, 2004
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