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1.Any white trash male who resembles Keven Federline, whether it be in the clothes he wears, or the slight stuble on his face. Keep in mind however, the male in question must be trashy, of course.

2.Any white trash male who believes he has a chance of making it in the rap world.
Referring to that random man walking down the street: "Heyyy. What up KFed? Ha.Ha.Ha."
by Liberachi September 11, 2006
A sweet way to say hilarious without sounding like a fool.

Christ! Poncho you are just so hilar!!
by Liberachi December 04, 2005
A rad way of saying fantastic. Also, a combination of fantastic and the shortening of the word delicious to delicmo. Therefore: fantazmo
Man that party at Paul's was fuckin fantazmo.
by Liberachi December 03, 2005
A trill way of saying delicious; a shortening of the word with style to become delicmo. Can be used to describe anything from food to a conversation.
Oh man that jungle juice that EJ made was delicmo. or

Damn! Nads that convo we had was so delicmo.
by Liberachi December 04, 2005
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