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It stands for Expert Jew. Enough Said.
Scott: Did you see those EJ's at the mall
Paully: Yeah, they wore glasses, had a beard and a yamaca too!
Scott: That's whats up! I'm a straight up EJ myself
by Mr. Eisenberger April 09, 2011
A big hunk of man meat. Any girl wudnt mind gargling him marbles. and no female cud pass up waxin his crank shaft. Was born with a huge penis that cud satisfy a whale. Adorable, cute and sexy. there he is in three words.
normal convo at a party: "Hey whered all the girls go?" "The must be with EJ the handsome stud"

typical praise:"oh i love EJ, with his perfectly toned body, his chiseled six pack and those ripping muscles are so BIG!!
an elbow job, similar in motion a to hand job, but using the inside of your or your partner's elbow
Man, I got a mean EJ the other day!
by xNakerx March 18, 2015
a headstrong asshole that nobody likes proving people wrong he gets good grades but he think he knows EVERYTHING
look at that asshole he is such a ej
by dogument666 May 20, 2016
the act of shitting in your boyfriend/girlfriend's sink (or floor, maybe bed, but most often in the sink)
Guy # 1: My girlfriend gave me an e.j. last night.
Guy # 2: Is that like a blowjob?
Guy # 1: No, she came to my house, shat in my sink, then ran down the hallway screaming like a mentally challenged kid. It was fucking sexy.
by CheeseAndCrackpipes December 23, 2010
A Rad kid from a not so rad town. He likes to overuse the word Rad. He is sometimes referred to as Edge, Eyge, E and other random stuff
EJ : Wow thats Rad
People: You Suck and use rad too much!
by John Strong January 03, 2005
Usually the tall smug type. EJ's usually put up an act of knowing everything about the conversation, or argument. He is a friendly fellow, but refuses to ever be wrong. All around EJ tends to be stinjy, but is fun to talk to.
EJ: "that is impossible, i know for a fact that..."
by Randy 025167 May 20, 2016
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