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"to have sex"/"to fuck"
I banged the hell out of Mike last night!
by les October 23, 2003
A dillusionally fat or ugly chick that thinks she will find a rich man to take of her for the rest of her life.
Hey man, she has an extreme case of ugly princess syndrome.
by Les August 11, 2004
Bullshitting; making small talk
"You guys need to cut out the grab-assing and get to work."
by Les June 06, 2003
Possibly the most offensive word in the English language. Pairing up 'Blood' with cunt results in a word so offensive that it should only be used in the most extreme circumstances.
"fucking bloodcunt"
by Les January 12, 2004
When using the absolute truth, you use this to tell the others that you aren't lying and that it isn't some sort of trick.
"Gambrell, Jorge ate a marshmellow from Tano's ass crack for $3"
by Les August 15, 2004
greek word meaning all's good. our english o.k stems from this.
how u doing?
olla kalla
by les March 02, 2005
cool yes it means cool very cool
now that is kewal, it is so kewal
by les March 20, 2005
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