18 definitions by Lenny

similar to a dirty sanchez but applying it under her eyes.
She said she didnt want a dirty sanchez so i gave her a don mattingly
by lenny December 23, 2004
Female genitalia resembling large, flappy beef curtains.
"Look at the bubbagina on that stripper!"
by Lenny April 24, 2004
Someone who cannot control his emotions and gets angry easily. As a result, everyone else deliberately provokes a burrett to get a reaction because it is so easy.
He looks like a bit of a burrett. I bet I can make him mad within two minutes.
by Lenny June 22, 2004
indie ska is independent ska music
Indie ska is my dream

Meet me at indie ska

Indie sk says what?
by Lenny April 29, 2004
That lame ass clothing company that makes tennis gear
by Lenny March 31, 2003
Crap Head: a comonly used term... for the insane!!!! mooohahahahaha!!! naw, it means a very stupid or mean person, or just a general insult.
u fuckin crap head!!!! get the fuck away from me!!!
by lenny April 05, 2004
a no named asian hooker with a strap on, on her forehead
wow look at that shoe horn over their
''sucky sucky 5 dolla''
by Lenny April 22, 2004
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