18 definitions by Lenny

A word repeated together with the words PLAN, LISA, NEEDS, and BRACES to form a hilarious comody sketch.
So long dental plan...

Dental plan... lisa needs braces...
by lenny November 04, 2003
a huge ass girl who looks like she was born at a rest stop

THUNDER JAMMIN: goin' out lookin for fat chicks to bang
look at that thunder...
damn she looks like she does her hair with firecrackers
by lenny July 21, 2003
an angelic way of saying hello... comonly used in slang conversations :P
heylo motherfucker!!!
by lenny April 05, 2004
The noise people make at MR. BURNS.
As in, "They're not booing, they're saying 'Boo-urns'".
by Lenny April 10, 2003
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