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A state of Great Awareness similar to the oneness experienced through contemplative meditation, however achieved during physical exercise.
eg, you can achieve Gareness through long bike rides
eg, a person can reach a state of Gareness when the physical is transcended while experiencing muscle burn
eg, Dude, you totally won that race because you were in Gareness.
by Langdon Olger January 11, 2009
A type of homebrew stout beer made by a guy named Gus reminiscent of Guinness.
This Gusiness is a tribute to stout beers
by Langdon Olger January 09, 2009
A period of time which approximates to within 4-6 weeks in Gregorian Time. It's context is specific to generic timeframes provided by inexperienced estimators.
eg It will be delivered in a Hafer.
eg It will take a Hafer to complete.
eg That operator told me on the phone it would take Hafers of time.
by Langdon Olger January 09, 2009
One who has achieved a state of Gareness
eg To the masses, they attribute his success to his physical fitness when in reality it is because he is a Gare.
by Langdon Olger January 12, 2009
The feminine manifestation of jebus. It is believed it was first used outside of the Julian Calendar in the time of prehistoric Jebus, where Jebus takes the form of a dinosaur and makes noah build an Ark out of bread.

It is also speculated that Leebus is derived from Sanskrit where Lee (is from Lee which means the great one).
Dude A: Leebus! Did you see what she did?
Dude B: Totally dude....
by Langdon Olger July 22, 2009
When someone you are talking to is critiquing elements (you provide) of the conversation:

1. with their friend who is listening at the same time.
2. in their head as a mental note which results in a period of silence and delayed response.

Note: The critiquing must occur during the conversation and not after, as that is termed as logging instead. Critiquing before is remote judging.
example 1 :
You to Person A: Hey there, Mr. Brown-Shoes! How about that local sports team!

Person A to Person B: Can you believe this guy trying to sound like Monty Burns...

You to Person A: Hey man stop debugging me...

example 2:
You to Person A: Hey there, Mr. Brown-Shoes! How about that local sports team!

Person A (thinks): Oh my god, this guy sounds nothing like Mr Burns.


You to Person A: Stop debugging me!
by Langdon Olger September 16, 2011

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