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the best way to think about people, you should all base your life off this, it'll be a much happier place, trust me.
"lets all go be misanthropic towards our fellow humans since their all shitmonkeys that need a life. those damn cow f*ckers"
by lalalala October 22, 2003
A guy who wrote good plays that confuses the hell out of amerians
"what the f*ck does Sonnet 36 mean? and what about 1-154?"
by lalalala October 22, 2003
Goth Wannabe usually a person that wears black and claims to be different but actually is some retard with paint on there face they claim to be "Goth" and say "I hate preps" they can be spotted listening to Slipknot or Manson but all they will be is either posers or metalheads also most complain about life and can be a bitch at times
Im so depressed woe is me anyone got drugs? IM GOTH
by LALALALA February 01, 2005
sexiest man alive, and lead singer of love metal band HIM. no other man can look that HOTT in eyeliner! Ville Valo... mmmmmmmm sExY!!!
baby, join me in bed
by Lalalala February 04, 2005
another word for stealing.
"Let's go to the mall and sneeze!"
by lalalala February 16, 2004
Federal bureau of investigation: basically people of strong power who like to screw this country over and all the people in it, in coralation with the president (a.k.a. george bush)
"hey look, its some dude from the F.B.I!"
by lalalala October 22, 2003
Something I never want to have...
Wife: "Let's have a kid!"

Husband: "Hell no! Let's just have sex!"
by lalalala July 12, 2004

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