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Old school southern ebonics.
How country folks say the word "something".
"Now Junior,you gots ta' do SUNTIN'.You
gon' get a job...or you gon'go to school...but you cain't sit around an' do NUTTIN'.You gots ta' do SUNTIN'."
by L.MARTIN August 18, 2005
Something that should be state law in all 50 states.When you consider that fully one third of ALL live births involve a man
other than the man alleged to be the father on the birth certificate...It would appear to serve justice and streamline the legal system if the real father is known from the get-go.
Not so.The state-and the legal industrial complex are just interested in tagging any convenient sucker with the bill.DO NOT be pressured to sign the birth certificate.Even if you "KNOW" that baby is yours...get the little saliva based test kit and BE SURE.Unless of course you don't mind paying for someone else's kid.
HOMIE 1:"Yesterday my girl got pissed at me and said that little RAY RAY ain't mine.What if she's tellin' the truth?"

HOMIE 2:"How long y'all been together?"

HOMIE 1: "Coupla' years."

HOMIE 2:"Can't help 'ya.The law says that's your baby.
Shoulda' PATERNITY TESTED sometime within the first year.Sixteen years left.Have fun."
by L.MARTIN September 03, 2006
While many beautiful women may post their profile and picture on an internet dating site...the only ones that you MR. AVERAGE JOE HETEROSEXUAL will hook up with are the 5's...and SINGLE MOTHERS.The 8,9,10 girl has her picture up for ego-grat
purposes.She's only available if you can somehow PROVE INCOME.
You know what I mean.
HONEST DRINKIN' BUDDY #1:"It's been awhile.I just had to clear the pipes.Hooked up with this cute single mom off MATCH.Not goin' back."

HONEST DRINKIN' BUDDY #2:"Yeah...I'm doin'okay now but awhile back I found myself in bed with this gnarly 5 off MYSPACE.I guess that's just INTERNET DATING REALITY."
by L.MARTIN January 15, 2006
The increasing number of fast food entities that share the same space...i.e. PIZZA HUT/TACO BELL...KFC/A&W...ETC.
ROAD WARRIOR:"Hey...let's pull off the freeway n' get some
quick grub at the McTACOHUT comin' up.

by L.MARTIN September 26, 2005
The overarching theme under which SEX would be re-designed...if men were in control.
TIPSY-ABOUT TO GET SHUT DOWN ON A DATE-LOSER:"Sex is just so poorly designed."(hiccup)


LOSER:"Yep.It should be free!":
"Pregnancy free."
"Disease free."
"Barrier free."
"Commitment free."
"Drama free."
"Cost free."
"You know...FREE!"
"...And it should come in nice "8" or higher

WOMAN:"Check please."
by L.MARTIN September 23, 2005
An epithet hurled by class warriors at people born to wealth and privilege.Of course they wish they had chosen their parents more wisely.
ACTRESS/WAITRESS 1:"I have Paris Hilton's table.LUCKY SPERM bitch!The whole fuckin'table of 'em.She better fuckin' tip BIG."

ACTRESS/WAITRESS 2:"My...what beautiful green eyes you have."
by L.MARTIN October 27, 2005
When you're on an airplane,you're breathing the same air that someone else just exhaled.As it relates to the terrestrial...
it's when a group of people seem to be of one mind on a subject or trend.
A bunch of guys in a park with Abercrombie and Fitch sweatpants on...feigning athleticism...while tossing a football around rather effiminately...in front of girls pretending to care...can be said to be breathing the same CABIN AIR.
by L.MARTIN January 15, 2006
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