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Something that should be state law in all 50 states.When you consider that fully one third of ALL live births involve a man
other than the man alleged to be the father on the birth certificate...It would appear to serve justice and streamline the legal system if the real father is known from the get-go.
Not so.The state-and the legal industrial complex are just interested in tagging any convenient sucker with the bill.DO NOT be pressured to sign the birth certificate.Even if you "KNOW" that baby is yours...get the little saliva based test kit and BE SURE.Unless of course you don't mind paying for someone else's kid.
HOMIE 1:"Yesterday my girl got pissed at me and said that little RAY RAY ain't mine.What if she's tellin' the truth?"

HOMIE 2:"How long y'all been together?"

HOMIE 1: "Coupla' years."

HOMIE 2:"Can't help 'ya.The law says that's your baby.
Shoulda' PATERNITY TESTED sometime within the first year.Sixteen years left.Have fun."
by L.MARTIN September 03, 2006
The reality that the modern American female does'nt have sex unless there is money involved.Such economy has always existed...but has been made more widely available to more women of varying degrees of savvy by that great class-leveling tool called:THE INTERNET.
If a woman is even barely attractive("6" or higher) she's:
1)Acting a/o directing a/o producing a/o selling porn.
2)Has a website(s) to that effect.
3)Is on numerous "modeling" sites.
4)Is on numerous "escort" sites.
5)Is on a coupla' porn casting agency sites.
6)Owns the casting agency.
7)Is stripping.
8)Earning money doing anything from "hot bod-bikini contests"...to repping for a liqour company at local bars...to being a spokesmodel for online gaming companies...to being the calendar/booth girl for import-tuner aftermarket car companies.
9)Got some guy(s) paying for anything from dinner...to rent
...to college...to cars...to real estate in her name...to
whatever the market will bear.
The maximum effective age band is between 18 and 35...much like a pro-ballplayer. Such gamesmanshp is no longer the province of the usual suspects...THEY'RE ALL DOING IT...because they can.
This new economic paradigm dovetails perfectly with the NEO-FEMINIST concept that as long as the money ends up in a womans pocket...anything goes.Women now define,re-define,and profit from their sexuality."WHORE" is no more an insult than two brothas' callin' each other "nigga"...And is usually delivered as a back-handed compliment from one woman to another in envy at ones ability to "game it" better.
This economy also weaves perfectly into the "traditional" legal/governmental set-up...in that even a most casual glance at the legal system finds women attorneys,judges,and politicians in abundance...Thus providing the institutional basis for protecting & bolstering this "new" economy.Yes,we are truly ... "a nation of laws and not of men."
BLIND IDIOT:"My woman and I relate to each other on a level
of love I've never known."

HONEST DRINKIN' BUDDY:"You're gonna make me puke!Check the scoreboard...She's 32...an ex-model who's been gaming the SEX-BASED ECONOMY since she was 16.She's toasted through her stamps...and you are happier n' a fly in shit to have her.
What's it like being a caddie?"
by L.MARTIN October 18, 2005
While many beautiful women may post their profile and picture on an internet dating site...the only ones that you MR. AVERAGE JOE HETEROSEXUAL will hook up with are the 5's...and SINGLE MOTHERS.The 8,9,10 girl has her picture up for ego-grat
purposes.She's only available if you can somehow PROVE INCOME.
You know what I mean.
HONEST DRINKIN' BUDDY #1:"It's been awhile.I just had to clear the pipes.Hooked up with this cute single mom off MATCH.Not goin' back."

HONEST DRINKIN' BUDDY #2:"Yeah...I'm doin'okay now but awhile back I found myself in bed with this gnarly 5 off MYSPACE.I guess that's just INTERNET DATING REALITY."
by L.MARTIN January 15, 2006
To deliver a verbal assault that leaves it's intended victim emotionally devastated...much like a gunman with a 9mm clip.Often heard amongst a group of aspiring rappers and
sucka' emcees when trying to deliver the knockout insult.
Also practiced by heartless bitches on men from whom they're about to take HALF!
(EXAMPLE 1)INSTIGATOR: "Yo dog...homie said your rhymes flow
like shit in a sewer!Don't let that
go.EMPTY THE CLIP in his ass!

(EXAMPLE 2)HEARTLESS BITCH:"Look,you pencil dicked loser...
I've got five years and one baby
outta this marraige.I'm leaving
while I can still get my swerve
on.Attorneys will be in touch.
Ta ta."

by L.MARTIN September 18, 2005
The increasing number of fast food entities that share the same space...i.e. PIZZA HUT/TACO BELL...KFC/A&W...ETC.
ROAD WARRIOR:"Hey...let's pull off the freeway n' get some
quick grub at the McTACOHUT comin' up.

by L.MARTIN September 26, 2005
The overarching theme under which SEX would be re-designed...if men were in control.
TIPSY-ABOUT TO GET SHUT DOWN ON A DATE-LOSER:"Sex is just so poorly designed."(hiccup)


LOSER:"Yep.It should be free!":
"Pregnancy free."
"Disease free."
"Barrier free."
"Commitment free."
"Drama free."
"Cost free."
"You know...FREE!"
"...And it should come in nice "8" or higher

WOMAN:"Check please."
by L.MARTIN September 23, 2005
When you're on an airplane,you're breathing the same air that someone else just exhaled.As it relates to the terrestrial...
it's when a group of people seem to be of one mind on a subject or trend.
A bunch of guys in a park with Abercrombie and Fitch sweatpants on...feigning athleticism...while tossing a football around rather effiminately...in front of girls pretending to care...can be said to be breathing the same CABIN AIR.
by L.MARTIN January 15, 2006

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