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While receiving oral satisfaction from a woman, stab her in the back. This will cause her jaw to clench giving you a different feeling than just and ordinary blow job would give.
My friends dared me to give here a stabbing kitten, because hey, I don't even like her anyways.
by Kurt April 23, 2005
Name: Kurt
t3h m4n w/ t3h pl4nz0r l0l st34lz t3h p3ntiumz lol !11!!11!111 ogm wftbbq!
God, Kurt is such a fucking pussy asshole fuckfuck dickfuck!
by Kurt February 12, 2004
get down and freaky with yourself with no holding back.
I wanna get Crunk in the club.
by Kurt January 10, 2005
Person who cruelly rejects or breaks up with another person.

Named after the character Kano in the video game Mortal Kombat, whose finishing move is to rip out his oppenent's heart.
Why did she have to be such a Kano
by Kurt February 10, 2005
An old favorite nickname used to insult a friend within a certain group. At times it may totally replace a guy's name based on how gay he has been acting lately. Also used when formally introducing a friend to another by replacing their name with their new given name of seabass.
Ex: (1st guy) Hey, I'm going to give Stan a call.
(2nd guy) You mean Seabass?
(1st guy) You're damn right I mean Seabass.
by kurt April 25, 2005
A car that stops on a dime.
Did you see that new Jewish Sports car? It literally stopped on a dime so that cheap semite could pick it up.
by Kurt March 22, 2005
Someone who admits to putting an ad on the interent three years ago, looking for someone willing to be slaughtered and eaten.
42 year old Arman Mivas
A really fat guy
by Kurt December 16, 2003
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