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13 definitions by Kieran

a)A person who hangs around either in Tesco, or in the car park of said supermarket.
oh my god Miles! You're such a Tescoface! Go on! Get out of the bin!
by Kieran February 28, 2004
The place on a male between the testicles and the anus
Haveing a hairy scoofy sucks
by Kieran February 12, 2004
the act of one being ivolved in a pointless argument with a gay
simon: You pedo
Kieran: whatever cucumber il not involve myself in this petty clamouring
by kieran April 22, 2005
A word said in surprise, to accentuate how surprised you really are.
Woog! That monkey fell out of the sky!
by Kieran February 28, 2004
To become twisted up.
When something becomes tangled up.
I had to where tighty whities instead of boxers, other wise the boxer would've gotten all b'jangled in my crotch.
by Kieran October 21, 2004
Smelly Beaver. Dirty smelly weavo
Weaving the Beave
by Kieran February 01, 2003