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Beaver, Muff, Bush, Pussy, Vagina, Furry Taco.
"Gosh Ward, you were a little hard on the Beave last night."
by Mental Midget November 15, 2003
To accidentally flash vagina at someone.
It was gonna be a normal Thursday night until I beaved half the wait-staff at Chili's. Now I'm 4 free margaritas deep.
by dwhale84 June 26, 2009
A beave is a couple that are never separated from each other and are together as much as possible. When they are together they won't mix with the others in the group and will just spend their time gazing into each others eyes. Conversations between them is often limted to ""
Beave couples are often so wrapped up in each other that its hard to tell whos limbs are whose. At night they are best left alone as they are probably having sex.

The longer a Beave couple stay together the more they will lose their identity. Throwing things at them has absolutely no effect.
"Omg those two are turning into Beave"
"Beave are at it again. Their hair is so similar from the back you can't tell who is who"
"I think Beave are having sex in the playground again. RUN!"
by Tea from India? August 16, 2009
Slang for beaver which is slang for pussy which is slang for vagina.
Ah done got me some beave action tonight. Twas mighty nice.
by gixxer6 November 13, 2003
(noun) To chew on wood in the manner of a beaver.
Hey! You beaved all my furniture!
by Kahran042 February 12, 2011
The same as behave but directed at a randy member of the opposite sex.
Women: I wanna lick ur dick
Man: Be'ave luv !!!
by Shane and Ade June 20, 2004
the muff we all want to love and stuff
I trimmed my beave, have you visited it yet?
by chucknbuck November 11, 2003
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