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A extremely large and fat woman who fronts like she is hot and sexy. Related closely to the "beached whale."
If you go to the fill in station to drink you have to be careful because the seadonkeys are out in full force.
by Kendizzle June 09, 2005
Any dirt or grease left behind after someone uses the phone or a combination of the both. Appears to look like crisco with small black dots of dirt. Otherwise known as phone smagma.
Oh man, make sure and wipe off the phone because Dale just used it and it is full of grizzle.
by Kendizzle June 08, 2005
A alleged medical condition that father-in-laws come down with to get out of work A condition that is only found and used when you are too lazy to go to work. People who use this excuse are usually lazy, grizzled, and have a suspended license.
"Yeah man I can't make it into work today. My father-in-law has herbaculosis and it is looking pretty serious. I have to stay home for the next two days and take care of him."
by Kendizzle June 08, 2005
A marine who gets so druck that he cant hold his own head up at the bar.
I was shooting some pool then I saw bobble head bobby walking by talking trash and had him thrown out of the bar. Call him a Cab because we both know he can't drive since his DUI.
by Kendizzle June 08, 2005

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