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Latin-"This for that"
"I want something, you want something. You give me what I want, I'll give you what you want. Quid pro quo."
by Kalyn December 22, 2003
My name being Kalyn, I'd have to say it means completely spontaneous, open-minded, fun, and...crazysexycool.
Like when you run out into a snow storm in like a wicked hot bikini and are equipped with your ghetto blaster on your shoulder and dance your heart out...I believe that encompasses the terms required to be "Kalyn."
by Kalyn January 22, 2005
be cool, do yo thang
sara- holla back
bill- iight be easy!
by Kalyn November 22, 2003
the snot that gets on the wall of the police car when your in the back, and it taste like shnozberries when you lick it. (if youve seen super troopers you'll know what i'm talkin about)
Hey man, these schnozberries taste like schnozberries!
by Kalyn April 03, 2004
something that is wrong
That's bold why u do that!
by Kalyn November 22, 2003
Ruben's EX-girlfriend.
Kalyn dumped him on HIS ASS!
by KALYN October 02, 2003
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