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the greatest fruit that grows on walls/back seat police windows.
"the shnozberries taste like shnozberries" super troopers
by milog19 May 02, 2005
One of the best fruits ever. Tastes like banana blended with kiwi with a hint of egg salad. Referenced in Super Troopers and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
"the schnozberries taste like schnozberries" - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as well as Super Troopers

"So I went down on this girl and it was so sweet smelling, it tasted like schnozberries. The next day we got married. Damn she has nice tits."
by guynamedrob October 14, 2005
n; delicious tropical fruit catering to the tastes of underground Doozers from the imaginary world of Fraggle Rock.
Today I found a schnozberry tree and thought, "Oh, what a wonderful day to be alive!"
by Gobo August 30, 2005
A lover of Man-Meat. Especially happily married men with two children and a rape-dungeon underneath their house.
Preston is such a schnozberry... Did you see that dude he was trying to bang?
by DoobZilla March 23, 2011
During 69-style facesitting, when a man's nose ends up in the woman's butthole
Chuck: I went in pretty deep on Jessica, like schnozberry deep

Bill: That's pretty deep, not quite motorboat deep, but deep
by Slimy Steve June 06, 2011
Famously quoted from the 1971 movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory a schnozberry (snozberry) literally refers to the particulates (berries) that come from a nose (schnoz) i.e. boogers, snot-rockets, nostral-turds, funky junk from the face-trunk, etc.
Stan: Did you see the size of that nose?
Lou: He couldn't pick those schnozberries with a backhoe!
by diogenes_ifyouplease September 08, 2011
When you feel a slight restriction of your airway,causing you to make a deliberate ,yet somethow, subconcious effort to swallow your saliva hard. At which time you sense an amount of phlegm being foced down your esophagus, after this awakening of your "being" you feel hardened surfaces on said phlegm, reminding you of a raisin or stale gummybear. What you just ingested was a "schnozberry".
1979 disco dude ;"that was a freekin $20.00 schnozberry !
by terryzz February 17, 2009
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